Thursday, April 29, 2010

Social Experiment. Help Paul travel in Europe

Paul is traveling in Europe and will connect with friends and Strangers by a simple phone with SMS. This is part of an experiment to see if people worldwide can come together to help during disaster.

Media Coverage

Media and blog coverage about Stranded in Europe
Facebook Page of Stranded in Europe

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stranded in Europe. Need help?

SMS "labs volcano [question]" to +46737494050 (no quotes or brackets)

This is a free service, via facebook and Ericsson labs to connect travelers who are stranded with locals and others who are willing to help. Quite often, support from a local in answering basic questions can make a huge difference. Everyone has a cell phone whereas g
etting access to a computer is hard

Here is how it works.
SMS from your phone -> Question gets published in facebook -> Question visible to hundreds of people who are willing to help -> They answer via facebook -> You get an SMS for every answer.
You may also post your question directly at facebook.

Sample questions
Where are the good pubs in London?
Scenic places to visit in Stockholm?
What modes of transport are available to get to Frankfurt from Stockholm?
Are the trains from Stockholm running full?
Where can I get over the counter medicines in Oxford?

Are you stuck and need help?
If you are stranded in Europe and need help, please SMS
"labs volcano [question]" to +46737494050 (no quotes or brackets)

Your message will appear at the facebook page of Stranded in Europe .
You will get an SMS when someone responds with a comment to your question.
Alternatively, if you have access to the computer, you can directly post a question at facebook.

Do you want to help someone by answering their question?
Please go to the facebook page of Stranded in Europe , and press
Look for unanswered questions and add a comment with your answer. The traveler will get an SMS with your response.

Technology behind this site
I will write a separate blog post to describe the technology being this site. This was made possible by a merge of Ericsson Lab API and facebook API. Ericsson Lab is an initiative by Ericsson, they have a large set of APIs related to location, mobile apps, sms and much more enabling you to develop similar applications.